invisível, 2020

90x42cm, espelho gravado



e nem de propósito (ao ler depois de saber que o título da Margarida Lagarto vinha daqui):

All moveables of wonder, from all parts,
Are here – Albinos, painted Indians, Dwarfs,
The Horse of knowledge, and the learned Pig,
The Stone-eater, the man that swallows fire,
Giants, Ventriloquists, the Invisible Girl,
The Bust that speaks and moves its goggling eyes,
The Wax-work, Clock-work, all the marvelous craft
Of modern Merlins, Wild Beasts, Puppet-shows,
All out-o’-the-way, far-fetched, perverted things,
All freaks of nature, all Promethean thoughts
Of man, his dulness, madness, and their feats
All jumbled up together, to compose
A Parliament of Monsters. (…)

“The Prelude or, Growth of a Poet’s Mind. An Autobiographical Poem”, livro sétimo,
de William Wordsworth


“je vis en sourdine”