desarmar, 2021

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desarmar, 2021, 15(177x125cm), vieux-chêne, acrílico, tinta de água, tinta-da-china e guache s/papel cor-de-rosa claro


I wanna train you to have radical vulnerability.
You have to have courage, kids. Courage is inside every work of art, even a crappy work of art. How is courage there? How? Because somehow you, this bad artist, or maybe a good one – I am not a good one and I’m not a bad one, but when you read my work, somewhere in it, you glean this neanderthal or deeply human thing that I was brave enough… to do it! (…) courage: it’s not a good thing, it’s just something that is required.
(…) You must be afraid while going forward. I have never not been terrified when I write.
excerto de uma conferência de Jerry Saltz, 2021


a coragem não é lá muita…